Heineken 50cl


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Heineken 50cl

Category: Beer
Producer: Heineken
Volume: 50cl
Alcohol Vol.: 5%

The 24 X Heineken 50cl is a beer brewed by Heineken and has an alcoholic strength of 5%.


 Heineken 50 cl


  • Appearance: bright golden intense intense white foam.
  • Aroma: fresh and fruity aroma.
  • Body / Taste: Slightly bitter taste, fruity, slightly sweet taste.

BREWERY: Heineken.

COUNTRY: Netherlands / Holland.

TYPE OF FERMENTATION: Your type of fermentation is low or lager. The beer is characterized by its exceptional clarity, obtained only with the purest water, hops, barley malt and yeast characteristic Heineken type. These yeasts ferment at low temperatures, between 4 and 9 ° C then aged in horizontal tanks for 28 days to provide the optimum pressure to yeast. The presentation is canned 50cl.

TYPE OF BEER: Pielsen.

ABV: 5%

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